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Learn more about Swiss Color 'Helps'

Unveiling Swiss Color 'Helps'

Swiss Color 'Helps' represents a significant leap forward in pigment technology. Developed through meticulous research and cutting-edge formulation techniques, these additives are designed to alter the consistency of pigments, thereby opening up a myriad of possibilities for artists. Swiss Color 'Helps' offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to meet diverse application requirements.

901 Pigment Solution - For Diluting all pigments for water colour looks. 

By adding 901 Pigment Solution, a thinner consistency of Swiss Color pigments can be achieved without changing the color intensity. PMU stylists prefer the increased color flow especially for trend techniques such as Ombré Lips, Pixel, Powder and Pearl Lips as well as for shading techniques of eyebrows, areola and scars.

902 Pigment Performer - Additive for a more viscous consistency.

Certain skin types and techniques require a firmer, pasty consistency of pigments. With small amounts of 902 Pigment Performer, Swiss Color pigments can be made creamier and the color flow optimized for individual work.

903 Pigment Vitalizer - Gives the pigment creamy smoothness & shine.

Fresh shine for vibrant, seductive lips. The 903 Pigment Vitalizer makes the pigment color feel softer and more pleasant, without affecting the color stability. The Vitalizer prevents the pigments in the color pot from drying out quickly. Not suitable for the eye area.

904 Pigment Sealer - The perfect finish for lip, eyebrow & areola treatments.

904 Pigment Sealer is applied directly after treatment with a microbrush and seals the pigmented area as a liquid patch. This significantly reduces the formation of micro-scabs. The Pigment Sealer prevents the penetration of bacteria without impeding the natural healing process of the skin.