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  • Taya Stuart

    Ever After Pigments FAQ

    US Made - Worldwide Certified - Vegan - Organic What is the difference between tattoo ink and our pigments? Our pigment is based on a high-quality, body tattoo ink formula, which was then adapted for cosmetic application to be the safest on thin and sensitive skin susceptible to migration, as wel... View Post
  • Taya Stuart

    Introducing the NEW Swiss Color Pigment Range

    The new Swiss Color® pigments are ECHA compliant, REACH compatible and individually mixable with each other. A world first, we offer the possibility to adapt the pigment consistency for all PMU and Microblading treatments!  The NEW Swiss Color pigment range supersedes the existing MB,IB,IL & ... View Post
  • Kelly Stuart

    PMU is a Career, not a class... by Tina Davies

    In this blog post, I’d like to discuss what I have witnessed over the past few years with the explosion of the microblading craze that was brought on by social media and the 2-day beginner training business model that started in Europe and has now become PMU industry’s black eye. Five year... View Post


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