Taya Stuart

Introducing the NEW Swiss Color Pigment Range

The new Swiss Color® pigments are ECHA compliant, REACH compatible and individually mixable with each other. A world first, we offer the possibility to adapt the pigment consistency for all PMU and Microblading treatments! 

The NEW Swiss Color pigment range supersedes the existing MB,IB,IL & OS ranges. 

**We will be discounting our old stock are expecting the NEW pigments to be available to purchase in mid December 2021**

Making up the new pigment range are seven new categories:


The Base pigments have been developed to create an almost endless range of shades by mixing them with all other Swiss Color® pigments.

For paramedical treatments, for example, 101 White can be added to achieve a natural skin tone. Also, for powdery or matte lip pigmentation, add a small amount of 101 White for the desired result. The more 101 White is added, the lighter the shade will be. 102 Yellow and 103 Orange are used to correct aubergine, violet, blue or grey faded lips and eyebrows. 104 Red is an exception and can be used on its own to achieve a bright red tone. 105 Dark Magenta is used to darken and deepen the color of lips.


The color texture of the Brow pigments is smooth and silky, which shortens the time when pigmenting into the skin. The pigments are also characterised by a high color density, which means that an optimal color saturation is quickly achieved. All Brow pigments are free from titanium dioxide, iron oxide, NDELA, tartrazine, PAH, alcohol, azo dyes, fragrances and preservatives.


Swiss Color® Lip pigments with their velvety-saturated consistency are ideally suited to the sensitive area of the lip. The pigments are particularly easy to work into the skin and enable immediate color penetration. After the first treatment, up to 70% of the pigments remain in the skin. Shading techniques such as Ombré, Pixel, Magic shading, Powder and Pearl lips as well as sensational contour pigmentations can be created with this series. The Lip pigments can be used pure or mixed, leaving plenty of scope for individual customer wishes.


With its high-purity pigments, the Eyeliner series offer the highest quality standard that is guaranteed to convince you and your customers: with optimised grain, high pigment density, color fastness and maximum pigment retention in the skin. Like all our pigments, these deep blacks are free of iron oxides and heavy metals. Only fully synthetic pigments with high-quality raw materials are used, which have been tested by independent accredited laboratories.


In June 2019 Swiss Color® proudly presented this wide range of pigments for paramedical pigmentation. With these natural brown, rosé and red shades you're able to match different skin tones and create adjustments for unsightly skin changes, such as scars or pigment disorders. 

With the new pigment refinement process, the DP Pigments offer a velvety flowing texture and high coverage. Paramedical pigmentation can be used to visually improve consequences of accidents, operations or impairing medical treatments in a minimally invasive way. As a further treatment, Derma pigmentation represents an additional value for the client‘s physical and psychological recovery.


Swiss Color® Areola pigments can be mixed with each other and also with the Base pigments and thus offer an extensive spectrum of different skin tones for areola pigmentation. With these natural brown, pink and red tones, you can visually adapt different skin tones and also make adjustments to unsightly skin changes, such as scars or pigmentation disorders.

Paramedical pigmentation can be used to visually improve the consequences of accidents, operations or the impairment of medical treatments in a minimally invasive way. As a further treatment, derma pigmentation adds value to the client's physical and psychological recovery.


The biggest world novelty of Swiss Color®: We offer the possibility to adapt the color consistency of our pigments to all PMU and Microblading application areas! With the 901 Pigment Solution, all colors can be diluted for special powder or shading techniques. Increase the viscosity of your PMU pigments to create a microblading pigment. The flow is optimally adjusted thanks to the addition of the 902 Pigment Performer