Tina Davies

Tina Davies Redefining Color: The FADE Color Course

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    *FREE for a limited time, or with the purchase of any FADE Eyebrow Pigment or the FADE Eyebrow Pigment Collection.

    This exclusive product knowledge course taught by Tina Davies was created to teach you all about the FADE Eyebrow Pigment Collection, a research-driven line comprised of 8 inorganic-based, hybrid pigments that are designed for artists’ success. Achieve your greatest results sooner with FADE by enrolling in Redefining Color: The FADE Color Course!

    Watch and learn about FADE’s inclusive range of pigments, including effective color selection, and gain PRO Tips from Tina along the way. See how FADE transitions in the skin from start to finish, through detailed case studies of various brow techniques, with healed results.

    This comprehensive course also includes in-depth lessons on color theory, skin anatomy and skin types, pigment science, pigment types, the healing process (with aftercare tips), and so much more!

    Suitable for artists of all experience levels.

    ** Once you have purchased this course you will receive the link to complete the course directly from Tina Davies ** 


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