Swiss Color

Swiss Color Stardust EP81 Eyeliner Pigment 12ml

  • $125.00

A black pigment, exclusive to shading techniques. Thanks to its superflow properties, this color provides stunning and soft effects when shading. STARDUST is so easy to place in the skin because you get great results with just a few pigmentations. This way you protect the skin of your customers.

With the combination of Jetblack and Stardust you create a beautiful butterfly effect, like you've never seen before.

The benefits of our new eyeliner pigment once again:

  • super soft shadow effects
  • simple and ultra-efficient application
  • excellent combination of Stardust and Jetblack for butterfly effect

Description: EP81 Stardust is a special pigment for the eyeliner area that was developed for shading above the eyeliner. Typical trend techniques such as butterfly shading or magic shading can thus be achieved easily and safely. Stardust is therefore not a typical eyeliner pigment for precise lines, its strength lies in the execution of fine shades.

Sizes Available: 12ml


**Can be purchased by our Australian customers only*

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