Swiss Color

Swiss 701 Wild Rose 10ml

  • $109.00
  • $109.00

701 Wild Rose is an elegant, pink lip color with a cool-dark undertone. It can be used for all lip types and is ideal for those who want expressive lip pigmentation. Used sparingly and blended in with a fine pigmentation technique, the 701 Wild Rose looks soft and rosy. A more intense result is achieved accordingly through more pigment incorporation.

Mixing Tip: Mix 701 Wild Rose with 404 Poppy Red for a fresh shade that makes cool lips appear more vibrant. 

Suitable for brown, dark brown, light, fair, light brown, light to olive, olive, moderate brown, very light and pale white skin types. 

These pigments are characterized by stronger and faster colour penetration into the sensitive skin of the lip. Ideal for contouring and shading techniques such as Ombre, Pixel, Power or Pearl lips. 

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