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Swiss 703 Arizona 10ml

  • $109.00
  • $109.00

Fine dark lip shade with harmonious colour saturation. For rosy colour results on lips and areola. 

703 Arizona Red is popular for light skin types, where it creates a rosy, fresh effect on the lip. It is excellent when used pure or as a mixing color for areola pigments. Try different mixing ratios of 703 Arizona Red with 706 Soft Sienna for a wide range of pink and caramel undertones that blend easily into the skin and last fantastically.

Suitable for Skin types I,II & III.

Ingredients: Aqua, Propylene Glycol, C.I. 77891, C.I. 77491, Silica, Castor Oil Hydrogenated Ethoxylated, Sodium Polyphosphate

These pigments are characterized by stronger and faster colour penetration into the sensitive skin of the lip. Ideal for contouring and shading techniques such as Ombre, Pixel, Power or Pearl lips. 

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