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Pro Blade C18 Flexi Micro Blades for Microblading

  • $85.00

Pro Blade C18 Flexi Micro Blades for Microblading

Make Pro Blades your choice for microblading. These ultra fine precision blades will ensure stunning looking hairstrokes every time! These C18 Flexi blades have a needle diameter of only 0.18mm making them perfect for creating precise fine lines. Individually wrapped, with batch numbers and used by dates these single use only microblading blades come in a pack of 25pcs.  

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Welcome to Cosmetic Tattoo Supplies, your one stop shop for all your professional cosmetic tattoo needs. With a wide array of products offered at competitive prices, we are known to tattooists throughout Australia as the number one choice when it comes to cosmetic tattoo supplies. We provide all microblading supplies from microblading needles, microblading pigments, eyebrow measuring tools, dermaplaning supplies and more.


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