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PMU Mapping Pencil Sharpening Guide

  • $12.99

This PMU mapping pencil sharpener guide helps you to quickly and easily sharpen mapping pencils with unmatched precision, giving you consistent results every time! This tool is suitable for both beginners and experienced artists. This tool is reusable and can be cleaned with an alcohol wipe between uses. 

Available in Pink & Black. 

*Note - May not fit all pencils. Razor not included. 

How to Use:

  • Peel the paper of your wax pencil down toward the base of the pencil, so that about ¼" (6-7mm) of wax is exposed.
  • Choose the prefered shape, insert the pencil in the shaft of the sharpener wax end first.
  • Using the guide of the sharpener, use a razor blade to shave away wax until level with the guide.
  • Flip the pencil over and repeat this process, making use to shave down the opposite side of the wax this time.


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