Swiss Color

NEW Swiss Base 107 Terra Pigment 5ml

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**PRE-SALE - Stock arriving late April **

This earthy shade with terracotta character forms an excellent base for lip colors and is an ideal additive for areola and camouflage colors. In combination with organic pigments, 107 Terra reveals its warm and natural beauty. Thanks to its inorganic nature, it gives color mixtures a long shelf life. Use it pure with a gentle pigmentation technique.

For natural-looking lip colors, you can mix 107 Terra with 704 Light Umbra or 705 Dark Umbra and lighten with 101 White or 106 Gold if required.

Mixing tip 1

  • 107 Terra (2)
  • 101 White (2)
  • 106 Gold (1)

Application area: Skin, Areola
A peachy-soft, warm skin tone with earthy undertones. For Areola, carefully blend 105 Dark Magenta in microbrush tips.

Mixing tip 2

  • 405 Sweet Plum (1)
  • 107 Terra (1)

Application area: Lip
An intense plum red shade for expressive lips that looks dark yet warm.

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