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Li-FT Eyeliner Pre and Post Cleanse

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Eyeliner Pre and Post Cleanser

This is a must have for every eyeliner procedure. It is important to properly cleanse the eye area before and after the procedure to insure the area is clean and prevent complications. The Eyeliner Pre and Post Cleanse was specially formulated with anti-microbial cleansing agents to thoroughly cleanse the eye and surrounding area before the eyeliner procedure and after the eyeliner procedure is completed.

Eyeliner Cleanse Ingredients: pH is 6.55 (6.5 to 7.5 is considered neutral)

Eyeliner Cleanse (pre and post cleanser) is naturally pH balanced without the use of any harsh chemical.

Directions: Dampen a tightly woven cotton round or gauze with Eyeliner Pre and Post Cleanse, then wipe the entire area clean including the tattooed area itself and surrounding area.  See below for full ingredient list and benefits.


Available in 60 or 120ml bottles. 


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