Cosmetic Tattoo Supplies

Gloves Black Nitrile Small Pack 100

  • $26.95

Delivering a new standard of safety for cosmetic tattooing, nitrile tattoo gloves are a safer and more hygienic alternative to latex gloves.

A synthetic rubber alternative to latex, nitrile is ideal for those with sensitive skin or allergies. Nitrile gloves are widely used by those looking to avoid allergic reactions to latex. Free from powder and packed in a handy dispenser box, these gloves come in jet black and feature textured fingertips.

These gloves are puncture proof and used across industries where safety and hygiene is of the utmost importance, including body modification, medicine and dentistry. Do you take the health and safety of your clients seriously? Make the right choice and protect yourself and your clients with our nitrile gloves.

These gloves are super resistant to tears and punctures, proving 3-5 times more puncture resistant than latex alternatives, as well as being superior in their resistance to chemicals and bacteria, whilst still retaining a comfortable and tactile feel, which allows you to retain your sensitivity and precision when working.

Each box comes with 100 ambidextrous pairs of gloves.

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