Cosmetic Tattoo Supplies

Disposable Microblading Handtool Nano U18 10Pack

  • $30.00
Black Disposable microblading handtools complete with ultra thin Nano U18 shape Soft  0.15mm blade. These handtools come with a soft grip for your comfort and an attached sterilized brush. * Pre-Assembled Sharp & Flawless tools Configure with comfortable rubber grip * 45°Classic angle * EO Gas Sterilized with sterilization report * The unique,super fine nano blades allows the artist to place each stroke precisely * With nano 0.15mm super thin medical stainless steel needles - The smallest diameter available * Soft touch matt black grip * Each tool packed individual and medical grade * Sterilised microbrush for rubbing the pigment into the skin. * With traceable LOT number and sterile expiry date. * Self-adhesive microblade cleaner
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