Magnetic Lashes

Clear Vegas Glam Eyeliner

  • $14.95
  • $34.95

Vegas Glam Eyeliner is an Eyeliner with a felt tip, designed for the smoothest and easiest application. This is an eyeliner that your lashes will stick to all day! Designed to be used with our Vegas Lash Collection. The felt tip Eyeliner pen has a strong all day hold. This eyeliner is a waterproof, sweat proof and long lasting, self adhesive eyeliner with a felt tip, designed for a smooth and easy application. This eyeliner has fast drying technology making it quick and easy to use. 

Clear Eyeliner is a great way to achieve a very natural look. 

So easy to apply just like a normal eyeliner.  PLACE YOUR LASHES ONTO THE EYELINER FOR A LOCK ON ALL DAY HOLD . 

Not suitable to be used with magnetic eyelashes. Designed to be used with our Vegas Collection Lashes or any strip lash.

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