Aussie Inked

Aussie Inked Active Recovery Cleanser

  • $15.00

Active Recovery Micellar Water has been formulated to gently cleanse and soothe irritated tattooed skin using the natural cleaning action of plant-based ingredients (rather than chemical additives), combined with long-term moisture boosting actives for repair.  

  • 100% natural skin bioactive PENTAVITIN® reduces flakiness and
     itchiness and helps to protect pigments, combining nature and science.
  • Effectively removes impurities with anti-bacterial, anti-septic,
    anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-septic protection. 
  • Maintains moisture, penetrating deep into the epidermis to reduce                      inflammation and prevent surface irritation with analgesic properties
    for greater comfort after procedures. 
  • Aids the skin's recovery, promoting collagen production, helping to                      strengthen the natural barrier function. 
  • Gentle enough to leave on sensitised traumatised skin, offering the                     immediate feeling of comfort and freshness.
  • Features the light 100% natural fragrance of Orange Sweet Oil.
  • Contains ingredients that help to close the pores and lock in pigments.
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