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Swiss Color Ultra-Black 301 Eyeliner Pigment 10ml

  • $109.00
  • $109.00

301 Utrablack is a beautiful rich black with a creamy consistency and is the most commonly used base eyeliner color for the first eyeliner treatment. Depending on the needle configuration and tensioning technique, the color strength can be influenced. 301 Ultrablack is ideal for touching up and refreshing eyeliner pigmentation. Suitable for all skin types.

Eyeliner pigments are the solution for any eyeliner treatment. Deep, saturated color that remains free of iron oxides delivers perfect results every time. With its high-purity ingredients, the pigment line offers the highest standard of quality. Optimised granulation, high pigment density, color fastness and maximum pigment retention in the skin are the hallmarks of these pigments. Eyeliner pigments are available in the size of 10 ml. More information about the color scale and skin type please find in our Swiss Color® colorcard.

Sizes Available: 10ml

SKU: 301


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