Tina Davies

Tina Davies Needle Cartridge 0.25mm 9 Curved Magnum, Box 10

  • $32.00

Made of 9 needles stacked in two rows, the .25 mm 9CM is one of our most popular needles for pixel-perfect dusting and shading on brows, lips, areolas, and any areas that require coverage and precision. The curved profile ensures soft edges and is gentle without snagging the skin. This needle is suitable for use on normal, sensitive, or thicker skin.

10 per box

Designed by Tina Davies to bring you the best results, our needles are sharp, easy-to-use, and designed specifically for demanding artists who want the best in precision, quality, and comfort. Acting like brushes, our needles are flexible, yet gentle - providing maximum ink deposit with minimum skin trauma. Made to fit rotary-style machines, the precise tip and unique finger rest help you tattoo with ease to achieve pixel-perfect deposit each and every time.

Suitable for rotary machines: Xion + Xion S, Bellar, Cheyenne, Bishop, Rook Quill, Axys Vahalla, Mast Tour, Mast Magi, Omnia, Flux, Dragonhawk, Bronc

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