Tina Davies

Tina Davies Needle Cartridge 0.25mm 3 Liner, Box 10

  • $32.00

Discover heightened precision, control, comfort and coverage with the 0.25 mm 3RL, a top pick for shading, lining and layering.

Configuration: 3 needles in a tight, circular composition, depositing 3 pixels of ink at a time

Diameter: 0.25 mm

Taper: Long

Fits: Rotary machines

Procedure suitability: Brows, eyes, lips, areolas or any area that requires detail and precision

Best for: Lining, layering and shading

Skin type: Normal, sensitive or thick skin

Safe & sterile: Full membrane to prevent backflow and EO gas sterilized

10 per box

Designed by Tina Davies to bring you the best results, our needles are sharp, easy-to-use, and designed specifically for demanding artists who want the best in precision, quality, and comfort. Acting like brushes, our needles are flexible, yet gentle - providing maximum ink deposit with minimum skin trauma. Made to fit rotary-style machines, the precise tip and unique finger rest help you tattoo with ease to achieve pixel-perfect deposit each and every time.

Suitable for rotary machines: Xion + Xion S, Bellar, Cheyenne, Bishop, Rook Quill, Axys Vahalla, Mast Tour, Mast Magi, Omnia, Flux, Dragonhawk, Bronc

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