Rook Quill

Rook Quill Machine & Power Supply Bundle

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Rook Quill & Power Supply Bundle includes the Rook machine boxed and including power cord along with the Aurora II Power Supply. 

The Quill Rotary Tattoo Pen by Rook is a feather-light machine that feels like using a paintbrush. Its many features include an imported motor with machine parts that can be disassembled and replaced and, an RCA connection with a magnetic power connector. This machine weighs only 70grams and operates on a voltage range of 6v up to 9v which allows for 8000rpm up to 9000rpm with a stroke length of 3.5mm.

The Original Aurora II Touch Control Power Supply featured with the strong magnets and can be attached on the iron workstation.

Easy to operate with the touch control. Can operate single/dual machines  ,two footswitches and max output 2.5A electricity.

Perfect for use with the Rook Quill Machine

  • body: cnc aluminum and anodized black (silver as well)
  • dashboard: touch control
  • pedal model: maintained or momentary
  • machine: single or dual machines.
  • input:110-240V 50-60Hzoutput:1.5V-16V
  • accuracy per turn:0.1V
  • max amps: 2.5A
  • net weight: 156grams 5.5Oz
  • gross weight:456grams
  • dimension:73mmX35mm (diameter*height)
  • bottom:branded silicone, 4pcs strong magnetic
  • packing size:18cmX12.5cmX8cm(L*W*H)
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