Membrane Microtonic

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One of the world’s most popular micropigmentation skincare products, Membrane MicroTonic has a variety of uses. Optimize skin condition before a procedure, and speed up healing after the procedure is complete for less downtime and better retention.


MicroTonic is a soothing and refreshing natural toner that cleans and soothes traumatized tissue, and is versatile enough for all skin types. By lightly bathing the skin with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients, MicroTonic aids in recovery and repair of tissue while the skin is healing. Keeping the skin clean and hydrated both during and after the procedure will help to minimize any discomfort.

MicroTonic’s specialized formula is custom blended, using the finest and freshest ingredients from around the world. It combines the unique properties of honey, chamomile, plantain, comfrey, oats, and other select ingredients into a ‘power punch’ for wound healing. With its beautiful golden appearance and light fragrance (derived from its natural ingredients rather than chemical additives), MicroTonic provides an immediate feeling of freshness.

MicroTonic can be used anywhere on the body or face to remove residue (such as blood or pigment) from freshly tattooed skin, by simply applying a small amount to gauze or a cotton pad and wiping as needed. MicroTonic’s ingredients help to close the pores and lock in the pigment, which leads to an even better final result.

Product Type Aftercare & pre-care tonic
Size 1 x 4oz / 1 x 16oz / 10 x 15ml
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