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IB 30 Gold Brown Swiss Color Intensive Brow Pigment

  • $125.00

Colour Description: Fine honey caramel tone for gentle underlining with Ombre techniques. Mixing base pigment for all IB pigments.

Sizes Available: 6ml or 12ml

**Can be purchased by our Australian customers only*

The newly developed PFO (PIGMENT FLOW OPTIMIZING) systems from Swiss Color Pigments offer the correct flow consistency for all application techniques (Pixel, Shading, Ombre, Nano and Microblading 3D). We have optimized and refined the raw pigment to a qualitative IB pigment. In order to meet the requirements of today, in recent years in Switzerland have improved the technique of pigments and investigated their behavior in the skin with its various properties. After this research, we were able to develop the basis for our new intensive pigments IB. The process of pigment refinement is called PFO - PIGMENT FLOW OPTIMIZING Thanks to PFO we get a smooth and velvety soft color texture, which facilitates and shortens a training period. The injury and penetration of the needle into the skin is thus also reduced, which has the positive effect for the healing process of the skin and reduces the formation of micro-scabs. Therefore, the pigments stay longer in the skin and shows a natural result. IB pigments are suitable for the following techniques:

  • 3D NANO
The pigment is immediately absorbed by the epidermis and develops the color brilliance in the first few days. A rework for small corrections can be made after 4 weeks, often only small technical designs need to be compensated. The color is perfectly placed and absorbed in the basal cell layer by this PFO optimized system. The highly concentrated color pigment has a high color density, which makes it possible to achieve saturation in the uppermost color layers, which we influence by selecting the application technique. With the right technique, IB Pigments can be used for various shadings. Using a slight shading a lighter shade can be achieved - which gives a nearly “real” effect on the eyebrows and naturally emphasizes the shape. By working several times over, a stronger color effect can be achieved, which gives the color a more intensive look. Whilst using the hair technique, we can also control the results by the intensity of the pigment placement. Microblading shows a beautiful result after just one round. The hair strokes are fine and color intensity depends on the chosen color. Nano- and hair techniques also show a good result after one pass of the pigmentation, provided that the technique is adapted to the skin. The skin texture is analyzed by the stylist and the correct application technique with the pigments needs to be selected accordingly. In short, an optimization system makes it easier for the specialist to get used to it, as the intensification of our pigments has a very high color density. Which leads to dreamlike results even after the first treatment, irrespective of which technique, needle, module, or blade used! We recommend a medium speed of 90 – 110. A dedicated IB Thinner can additionally be used for shading - it will affect the flow, but not the saturation of the pigment.
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