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Alivio SMP Pigment

  • $120.95

Alivio scalp micropigmentation pigment, formulated and used in-house by the world renowned artists Paul Clark and Simon Lane of Brandwood Clinic.


Alivio is a pigment specially formulated by Paul Clark and Simon Lane of world-renowned Brandwood Clinic in the UK. This organic solution is designed for scalps to settle quickly and last longer. The unique composition of distilled water with powder, alcohol and witch hazel retains its consistency over time and each batch is guaranteed to have the same result as the last.

  • Carbon black formula will not discolor
  • Supplied with dilution guide
  • Vegan friendly
  • Trusted by hundreds of leading SMP artists

Alivio is supplied in a medical grade sealed bottle to ensure its longevity. Alivio is vegan-friendly, containing no animal by-products. It is gamma-sterilised in the United Kingdom and has been fully tested by our partners at Brandwood Clinic.

Sold in sizes of 15ml each bottle will provide up to 30 treatments, far more than any competing product. Each bottle has a two-year shelf-life and is stable for 12 months after opening. Alivio is easily diluted to produce a variety of shades and has proven reliability. For the best results in hair follicle replication choose Alivio.

Product Type Carbon black dilutable pigment
Size 15ml bottle
Dilution Guide Download
MSDS Download
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