Absolute Perfection

Absolute Perfection Warm It Up For Lips Pigment Large Bottle

  • $40.00

Warm it up for Lips Pigment

This bright orange colour is used for any lip repair work to be completed by the technician. Great for lip liner, full lip colour or lip sparkling.
Add ‘Warm It Up’ for Lips to any C-cool lip colour to warm it up and cancel out the unwanted blue-cool tones. Heals to a soft to medium orange.
Our top-class organic pigment formula produces a pigment that is rich and creamy, allowing you to use less of the product in each application while obtaining better results. The high viscosity also promotes accurate, long-lasting color retention - which translates into satisfied clients. "Warm it Up for Lips" Absolute Perfection Pigment is a warm tone with a yellow/red base and will mix effortlessly with other Absolute Perfection pigments should you choose to custom blend. Made in the USA  
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