Cosmetic Tattoo Supplies

5PM Shadow SMP Needles

  • $71.95

World class needle cartridges manufactured to meet the needs of scalp micropigmentation professionals.

  • 0803RL (0.25mm super tight)
  • Included: 20 cartridges per pack

From the makers of the world’s best selling SMP pigment, 5PM Shadow cartridges are available as an 0803RL (0.25mm), 0603RL (0.20mm) or 0403RL (0.18mm) size with a super tight needle grouping for precision SMP work.

  • Generic needle cartridges to fit all standard fitment machines including Bishop Wand, Apollo, Xion S, Gemini, Cheyenne etc.
  • Super tight needle configuration creating crisp impressions every time
  • Finger grip for enhanced needle control
  • Internal needle stabilisation system for a strong, stable needle with no needle wobble during treatment.
  • Flexible Internal silicone membrane to stop back-flow of contaminated fluids.
  • Super sharp tips, no blunting mid treatment.
  • Sterile, single use cartridge needles
Product Type Sealed needle cartridge
Compatibility Generic (Xion S, Apollo, Bishop, Cheyenne etc)
Pack Size 20 needles per pack
Safety Membrane Yes

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