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PB43 Olive Brown Swiss Color PB Powder Brow Pigment 12ml

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Colour Description: Correction colour for red strokes.

Size: 12ml


**Can be purchased by our Australian customers only*

  • Powder Brow Pigments are characterised by high color density and saturation. Thanks to the specially coordinated flow consistency, they are suitable for the pigmentation of trend techniques such as Ombre-, Pixel-, Micro-Pixel- and Powdershading. With a combined treatment of the hairstroke technique and our Intensive Brow Pigments you will achieve beautiful results in the skin
  • about 60-80% of the pigments remain visible after healing
  • less rework
  • less pain, due to delicate work

Thanks to the Pigment Flow Process (PFO), Powder Brow Pigments have a smooth, slightly more fluid texture, which reduces the amount of color passes you need to make. Even after the first pigmentation step, the color remains visibly in the skin. The pigments are free of titanium dioxide, tartrazine, PAH, nickel, AZO dyes as well as fragrances and preservatives.

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